Driven by the modern age featuring individual lifestyles and a great sense of community, we thought it was time to bring modern sports to the city, in a concept that matches our current needs. As we all juggle work with our social needs and an active lifestyle, we need a place with flexible hours that makes us leave re-energized.
Our studio offers all disciplines of pole classes, barre workouts, and flexibility training on an open schedule, next to the possibility of taking a tailor-made personal training whenever you feel like.


And as we do NOT want to be JUST a company, or JUST a brand, we brought in a little extra to create an amazing Pole and Barre community in the very heart of Antwerp.
Next to two workout areas, one with 10 poles of over 4m in height (oh yes! We also want you to have you OWN pole during practice and lots of space for dancing) and one with enough barres to accommodate a large yet cozy class, our studio will also feature a waiting area with an amazing sofa, coffee and tea facilities and some clothing racks with gear to buy for your workouts.

For those who would love a great workout before work, you can get your bum kicked at 7AM and 8AM with a Barre Workout. And those night owls who’d love to dance the night away? Have a little Pole Choreo with us in the evening!


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