Vertical Barre is the only Pole and Barre studio in the city. Our boutique studio offers open classes in pole dancing, barre, Floor-barre and flexibility. Open classes means that you can book whenever you feel like, and that we do not work with a set-amount-of-weeks course. All classes (and in all various levels) are offered multiple times per week, and are being taught by certified teachers, who will help you strengthen and lengthen your muscles, and sculpt the body.

The studio also offers private sessions in pole dance, Floor-barre, flexibility or barre, and tailor-made personal training. The latter meaning personal training sessions made-to-measure to your specific goals and background, including nutritional advice and meal plans.

Our studio the perfect place to become re-energised and ready to take on the world! To give you 50 to 75 minutes just for you and make it personal, we made our class sizes small and our facilities of high quality and plentiful. Meaning, that we do not ever allow over 12 people for Barre classes and you will always have one of our 10 brass, over 4 meters, poles for yourself the entire class.

Check out our classes to give yourself a sweat, a burn, a boost, and some well deserved love!


Caroline Hermanns

Caroline is the founder of Vertical Barre. She started Pole dancing in 2015, and this quickly became one of her first loves in life!
It was also the starting point to take on other dance classes and to get, eventually, into Barre workouts in 2017.
Her passion for physical training turned into a job after obtaining certifications as, among others, Medical Personal Trainer, Pole Dance Instructor, and Floor-Barre® Instructor.
Caroline’s classes are all about technique, posture, flow, and a great eye for detail.

Glynn Verveckken

Glynn is our fitgirl by heart! After years of Weightlifting and Cross Fit she felt like something was missing; a fundamental workout for her core. Looking for the perfect workout came across Pilates a few years ago. Later on, in 2018, she also started with Barre workouts. Passionated as she is about both, she wanted to share the experience with others, and so became a certified Pop Pilates instructor and established Core Pilates by Glynn!
To help others work on their body, the right way and in a fun way. Besides teaching and doing Pilates you can find her snowboarding and horseback riding. Travelling and seeing the world are also part of her passions.

Alejandra Pérez Cortès

All the way from Argentina, Alejandra is our Latin heat who surely know how to make you work! She is amazingly skilled on the pole and well-educated and experienced when it comes to this field. Next to teaching Pole she is also an international judge for IPSF, so it you ever feel like working for competition – she will be your coach!
Join Alejandra’s classes for a challenging, fun and well-guided workout!