First Time

What to wear

Form-fitting activewear that does not interfere with movement or breaking a sweat, such as leggings, tops or T-shirts. It is highly recommended, for ladies, to wear a sports bra for any class.
For pole dance, short shorts are required for climbing and leg grips. Grip socks are advised for barre workouts.
Activewear, polewear and grips socks are also available for purchase in the studio and online.

What to Bring

A towel, hydration (we love sustainable bottle solutions and avoid plastic when possible) and a positive energy!

Check In

Please arrive early, at least 10 minutes before class, to get comfortable in the space, to introduce yourself, and to not start your first class feeling stressed. The teacher will check you in at the beginning of class, but you can always choose to check in before at our front desk for extra support.