COVID-19 (coronavirus) update

Since August 10th, we are back in business and ready for you! Some of the regulations have become a little stricter, and therefore we have some rules regarding your workout in our (corona-proof) studio.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The studio space measures 143 m2, meaning we have a maximum indoor capacity of 14 (including teacher(s)).
  • Waiting outside of the studio until a teacher allows you inside is mandatory. Given the maximum capacity and social distancing measures, it is absolutely necessary.
  • Booking your class in advance is mandatory.
  • Wearing a face mask upon entry is mandatory. You will have to wear it until you are in your designated workout area (marked on the floor), and again after class to clean the poles.
  • During the workout we want you to breathe freely given the intensity of our workouts, therefore you can take off the mask as long as you are in your personal square.
  • The locker room and lockers cannot be used and are off limits. Toilets remain available.
  • Disinfecting your hands is mandatory upon entry, and highly advised after your workout. There is a sanitizing station setup at the entrance.
  • Bringing your own towel is mandatory. It has to be big enough to cover a mat (or bring your own mat, if you have one), it also will be used for cleaning poles or equipment after class, and has to be brought to ensure maximum personal hygiene.
  • No more than 9 people in a pole class to ensure everyone will have their own poles. The poles will have to be cleaned after each class.
  • No more than 5 people in the barre room to ensure social distancing, also mats and attributes used will have to be cleaned after each class.
  • Please do not come for a workout when feeling sick. Also beware that our terms for late cancelling (8 hours before class) and no-shows remain applicable due to the limited spaces available. This term has been extended to 8 hours to ensure that members on the waiting list can get booked for the class on time.
  • Furthermore, we ask you not to use the changing room before and after class. Show up dressed in workout attire instead.

Stay healthy. Workout with us🙏!


Our boutique studio offers daily classes in pole dancing, Barre, Pilates, Floor-barre and flexibility, next to tailor-made personal training and workshops. Classes are tough in small groups, with a set maximum of 12 students per class, ensuring everyone with personal attention and the maximum of one person per pole. All our classes are taught by certified teachers and these will help you strengthen and lengthen your muscles, and sculpt the body.

Check out our classes to give yourself a well deserved body boost!



Pole Dancing is probably one of the most upcoming workouts, simply because it is intense training combined with elegance and femininity. Our vertical classes are any type of Pole classes and complementing classes, to perform better on the pole! Pole Dancing helps you build strength, flexibility and endurance, and lifts your spirits!

Our studio offers several disciplines of pole dancing for various levels, including Pole Technique, Pole Flexy, Exotic Flow, and Spinny Pole. To help you further along we also offer separate flexibility classes – no pole!

Learn more about our classes.


Beloved across the globe for their amazing results, Barre classes are made to improve strength and posture all while working to lengthen and tone those muscles and shaping that body perfectly!

We offer Barre Workouts and POP Pilates, which are high-intensity classes, as well as Floor-barre®, a gentle ballet-based technique that sculpt the body and helps preventing (and recovering from) injuries, and Mat Pilates, a class comparable to yogalates that blending pilates and flexy seamlessly.

Learn more about our classes.

How to book

To book a class, you must have a valid class card or membership.
These can purchased instantly online on the pricing page or upon checkout of your first booking in our schedule. In order to participate in class, we require you to book and pay your spot in advance.
Classes can be reserved up to 45 days in advance.

Waiting list

Favorite class full? Join the waiting list – online or on-app. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as a spot opens up.

Late cancels & No shows

Classes can be cancelled without loss of the class credit, 4 hours (or 12 hours for early morning classes) or more prior to the class’ starting time. Any cancellation within the 4-hour window before class, or no shows, will result in losing that class’ credit.
Unlimited memberships will be charged € 10 for any late cancel or no show exceeding 2 per month.
For more information on this, please refer to our studio terms.

Need help?

If you are unable to pay for your class online, please send us a message or email (info@vertical-barre) to reserve your spot. Having already registered at our studio would ease this process. You can pay in our studio by bank card and mobile pay, we do not accept cash.

First time

What to wear

  • Form-fitting athletic wear that does not interfere with movement or breaking a sweat, such as leggings, tops or t-shirts.
  • For ladies, sports bras are highly recommended for every class.
    Short shorts are advised for pole dancing.
  • Grip socks are advised for barre workouts.
  • For Floor-barre and flexibility classes socks are mandatory and a long-sleeve or sweater is advised during those chilly days.

Athletic wear, pole dance shorts are grip socks are also available for purchase in the studio.

What to bring

A towel, hydration (preferably water: we love sustainable bottle solutions and dislike plastic) and positive energy!


Please arrive early, at least 10 minutes before class, to get comfortable in the space, introduce yourself and to not start your first class stressed. The teacher will check you in at the start of you class.